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Huashang College Foreign Teacher Recruitment
2018-08-15 15:03  

Location:Guangzhou, China


1.Monthly salary: RMB8500-14000Yuan(Based on qualifications andexperience,16 periodseach week , 45 minutes/ period)               

2 .Internationalairfare allowance               

3. Freemodern, individual accommodation, Internet connection in apartment(You pay the utilities)               

4 Multiple-entrywork visa and residence permit (you pay the fees)               

5.Allnational holidays and about two months winter vacation & two months summervacation               

6.Locatedin city suburb with convenient transportation to downtown.               


1. NativeEnglish speaker or Native Japanese speaker (From USA, UK, Canada, Australia,New Zealand, Japan)               

2.Photocopyof your passport(Information page)               

3. Copyof your degree(BA degree or higher)               

4. Twoyears teaching experience preferred but not compulsory(with reference letter)               

5. Recentmedical report (valid for half a year)               

6. Copyof your resume (detailed with month and year)               

7.Scan ofcertificate of non-criminal record issued by the host country(validfor half a year)               

8. Forteachers already in China, a letter of recommendation from your currentemployer               

9. Uponhire, at arrival, 6 passport size photographs               


Huashang College is a private independent college founded in April 2004with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China. It was establishedjointly by Guangdong University of Financeand Economics ---a major university in Guangdong Province, and the SunCity Group of Guangzhou.               

Thecollege has a student population of 22,000, which is situated in LichengStreet, Zengcheng, Guangzhou, where the surroundings are beautiful and thetraffic is convenient. The campus occupies 80 hectares ofland with more than 500,000㎡of buildings. In accordance to nationalcriteria, the college has built a standard 400-m field & track playgroundand fields for basketball, badminton, volleyball and other sports.               

The goodteaching and living conditions of the college match the internal environmentwhere the fresh air is filled with the year-round smells of lush fruit trees.The complete harmony between the campus and the nature provides the studentswith an ideal place for study, for pursuit of truths as well as for practice ofknowledge.               

If you decideto apply , please send your documents as soon as possible.               

HuashangCollege Guangdong University of Finance & Economics               

PersonnelAffairs Department,               

No. 1Huashang Road, Licheng Street, Zengcheng 511300,               


Contact person: Tomzhang

Wechat: zh395591031

Skype: tomzhang1896





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